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Therapy - Bilingual Program

The Centre Booth offers two programs designed to help individuals free themselves from their dependencies, whether it’s alcohol or drugs: a therapy program (The Ancrage) and a reintegration program (The Delta).
The Ancrage is a rehabilitation service designed for individuals with a substance use disorder. The program’s duration is four months for those transitioning to The Delta and six months for others. The Ancrage provides accommodation with three daily meals prepared on site, as well as a supportive community. This community revolves around a precise schedule, group activities, various tasks, written reflections, and regular meetings with a staff member.
For admission, please contact: 514 214-6232.


The main goal is to maintain abstinence during the stay and acquire more suitable solutions to face the various challenges of everyday life.

The approach taken is both cognitive and behavioral. Participants are thus led to analyze thoughts and situations that trigger a desire to consume, as well as the short and long-term consequences of their choices. They work on changing their perceptions and reactions to achieve greater personal satisfaction and build more harmonious relationships with their surroundings.

Our therapeutic community model is based on best practices in rehabilitation in the face of addiction.

Specific objectives

Phase I
(21 to 30 first days)
Stabilization and Integration
  • Physical recovery
  • Accept the rules
  • Integrate the group
  • Decide to commit
Phase II
(up to the end of the 4th month)
Treatment and Learning
  • Improve emotion management and self-control
  • Develop social skills
  • Establish or extend a healthy social network
  • Learn to solve difficulties
  • Enhance self-esteem and value oneself
  • Develop a sense of responsibility
Phase III
(5th and 6th months,
if the participant does not go to The Delta)
  • Manage time
  • Plan life
  • Integrate into external communities (work, study, leisure, networking)
  • Consolidate achievements.

Specific Admission Criteria

  • Be a man aged 18 or older
  • Have consumed a substance (alcohol or drug) in a manner harmful to employability, physical health, interpersonal relationships, psychological state, or judicial situation
  • Express a need for help and a desire for change
  • Be able to understand and express oneself in French or English
  • Commit to stopping all consumption and accept living rules during the stay at the Centre Booth
  • Possess physical and psychological health allowing participation in the program
  • If necessary, have completed a withdrawal protocol.
Note We accept individuals undergoing opioid agonist treatment.
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Social Reintegration - Bilingual Program

The Delta offers a stay ranging from 3 to 18 months. It is intended for adult men who have completed the program at The Ancrage or another therapy lasting at least 3 months. Although they have managed to stop their consumption in a supervised environment, these individuals may face challenges in reintegrating into society (job search, socialization, resumption of studies, housing search, etc.) without a support structure.
Admission: 514 214-6232.


The Delta provides a flexible structure and schedule to help participants integrate into the community, while benefiting from the support of a peer group and professionals.


Group activities, intervention plans, resident initiatives, and individual meetings are centered around the following goals:

  • Development of culinary skills and food purchasing
  • Management and adherence to a personal budget
  • Building a social network and engaging in healthy recreational activities outside The Centre Booth
  • Deep understanding and use of local resources to meet essential needs (furniture, clothing, etc.)
  • Return to studies
  • Professional reintegration or participation in volunteer activities
  • Maintenance of good personal hygiene and one’s environment
  • Restoration of family and social ties
  • Research and preparation for relocation to a suitable housing


The clinical approach remains identical to that of The Ancrage but is adapted to situations specifically related to social reintegration.

Participants must attend two group discussions and one individual session per week, undertake external initiatives, discuss and reflect with their intervener, and refrain from any consumption during their stay.


Specific Admission Criteria

  • Be a man aged 18 or older
  • Have recently completed a therapy of at least 3 months for addiction and not have a current consumption problem
  • Commit to not consuming during the stay
  • Express a need for support for social reintegration
  • Be able to understand and express oneself in French or English.
Note Individuals undergoing opioid substitution treatment are accepted.

Program Costs

  • $850 per month (this amount is subject to an annual increase based on inflation)
  • Social assistance beneficiaries can obtain a special benefit, with their expenses then covered by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Solidarity. However, their assistance allowance will be reduced.
Therapy and reintegration programs for addiction treatment are certified by the CIUSSS of Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (CCSMTL). For The Centre Booth of The Salvation Army, this certification concerns the therapy and reintegration program for addiction treatment.