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In alignment with the Christian mission of the Salvation Army, which seeks to manifest the love of Jesus Christ by helping others, the Booth Center embodies this commitment. It offers men aged 18 and over, facing financial and economic difficulties, without a fixed address and in precarious situations, specifically tailored services and programs. These address their needs in terms of homelessness prevention, addiction, and mental health, ensuring their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Let’s work together to find a sustainable solution to homelessness!

Harout Tarakjian, Executive Director

The story

A significant agreement
Service agreement between The Ancrage and the Integrated University Health and Social Service Center of Central South of the Island of Montreal concerning the purchase of spots for therapy services for residents on the island of Montreal presenting a substance use disorder for a duration of three years.
The Ancrage becomes a bilingual program, offering and accepting residents undergoing opioid agonist treatment.
The Gouvernail and The Ancrage are on different levels
The Gouvernail transitions from a housing environment to a transitional one
In July, the Delta social reintegration program was discontinued. In July, The Havre service became an integral part of The Gouvernail
Creation of The Phare
Community support service.
Creation of The Havre

Long-term housing for independent men aged 60 and over.

Creation of The Delta

The Delta is established as a separate program from The Ancrage for the reintegration of men aged 18 and over, abstinent alcoholics/addicts, who have successfully completed an internal therapy program.

Creation of The Gouvernail
Implementation of a housing service as an alternative to rooming houses for men with low incomes, which will later be called The Gouvernail.
Shelter transformed
The Booth Center transitions from a temporary refuge for homeless men to a supervised housing resource.
Integration of The Ancrage into the Booth Center.
Compassionate Rehabilitation
Restructuring of the Booth Center to address the consequences of the deinstitutionalization of people with mental health issues.
Creation of a new program

Establishment of a program and a housing service for older men with low incomes.

Construction of the current building at the corner of Guy and Saint-Antoine streets.
Creation of an addiction program (The Ancrage)
« The lighthouse Food And Shleter Depot »

Establishment of "The Lighthouse Food And Shelter Depot" on de la Commune Street. This shelter will later be renamed "Montreal Booth Center."

The Salvation Army begins its work in Montreal.
Introduction of the Salvation Army in Canada.
The movement is renamed "Salvation Army."
William Booth launches the "Christian Mission" in London (England).

Support Booth Center

To support The Salvation Army Booth Centre is not only to make a personal contribution to the well-being of men in difficulty, but also to perpetuate a worldwide wave of support that is helping to improve the quality of life of a significant number of people.

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