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Housing instability

The Gouvernail offers housing and a supportive community to men aged 18 and older. Its services address those who want to take control of their life and improve their social and personal well-being.

The intervention team

The support of residents in their social reintegration process is provided by a multidisciplinary team.
Residents are encouraged to:
  • Develop positive life attitudes
  • Take responsibility and regain control over their situation
  • Integrate into the community.

Our goal

  • Build trust with our residents by offering them the necessary support
  • Break the social isolation of our residents
  • Encourage group activities
  • Offer transitional accommodation
  • Guarantee good living conditions in a healthy and safe environment.

Our services

  • A furnished private room
  • A cafeteria and a kitchenette available
  • Three daily meals and an evening snack
  • Common bathrooms and toilets
  • Equipped laundry rooms, free to use
  • Household products and equipment available
  • A computer room
  • A lounge with a television and a library
  • An emergency locker

Duration of stay

The duration of the stay ranges from one (1) month to two (2) years, determined based on the expressed needs and objectives set by the resident. They are free to end it at any time.