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Our Mission

The Booth Centre assists men in distress, addressing homelessness prevention, addiction, and mental health.

The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre fulfills the Christian mission by assisting men aged 18 and over who are in financial distress, homeless, and at risk of homelessness. It offers services tailored to their needs related to homelessness prevention, addiction, and mental health for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our services

The Booth Centre provides temporary housing for men aged 18 and over who face housing challenges. They benefit from three meals a day, a private room, and the support of professionals to help them with challenges such as addiction, homelessness, and mental health disorders.

The Gourvernail

The Gouvernail houses men aged 18 to 55 who are independent, have a low income, are in a precarious economic situation, and face housing difficulties.
For admission, call (514-601-4799).


The Rivage

The Rivage welcomes men aged 18 and over who have been diagnosed with a mental health issue and are overseen by a team of health care professionals.
For admission, call (514-265-6164).


Ancrage and Delta

The Ancrage and Delta consist of two aspects: one for therapy and the other for social reintegration, aimed at those who have a substance use disorder.
For admission, call 514-214-6232.

Support Booth Center

To support The Salvation Army Booth Centre is not only to make a personal contribution to the well-being of men in difficulty, but also to perpetuate a worldwide wave of support that is helping to improve the quality of life of a significant number of people.

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