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Mental Health

Established in 1999, The Rivage is a housing and guidance service aiming to keep men aged 18 to 55 in the community who have severe and persistent mental health issues. These problems have been diagnosed by competent medical entities. The Rivage strives to break the continuous cycle of these men between the hospital and the street. The Rivage’s mission is to promote the integration and participation of these men from a civic perspective. Individualized follow-ups, facilitating access to resources, are offered while respecting the individual’s needs. The focus is on demystifying mental health, reclaiming personal power, and housing support.

Clientele Characteristics

The clientele concerned are men with mental health problems. For them, Le Rivage is an option that enables them to remain stable outside the hospital environment.

The Rivage’s clientele has several key characteristics:

  • Men who are disaffiliated, often without a network or resources
  • Those who have experienced multiple hospitalizations
  • Those suffering from substance-related disorders
  • Those in need of support for their autonomy


Admission to The Rivage requires a referral from a hospital center or another community institution, provided the individual benefits from external follow-up.

The Intervention Team

A team of psychosocial workers closely collaborates with specialized mental health care teams.

Approaches Recommended at The Rivage

The systemic approach is favored at The Rivage, promoting multidisciplinary work with the resident’s team, their family, and all systems contributing to their well-being. The Rivage promotes self-esteem, individual skill development, while encouraging collective and transformative social action. The recovery approach is also advocated, emphasizing residents’ strengths rather than their limitations.

Our Goals

The Rivage has a dual objective: to help men maintain their health stability and to encourage them to meet their needs. The Rivage team ensures that residents maintain and develop their autonomy while improving their personal situation at their own pace.

Our Services

  • Individual follow-ups (weekly interviews, crisis management, participation in daily activities, medication, budget, and tax management assistance)
  • Assistance within the medical and judicial system
  • Voluntary involvement program (cleaning, cooking).


Weekly activities

  • Spirituality classes (voluntary)
  • Music classes (individual, group, animation for The Centre Booth’s Christmas meal)
  • Art therapy
  • Walk
  • Table games
  • Bingo
  • Outings with workers to discuss, value residents, strengthen bonds.

Occasional Activities

  • Sport celebrations: Superbowl and hockey nights, in The Rivage’s TV room
  • Visits to the Insectarium, Planetarium, and Biodome.
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Sugar shack outings
  • Park outings for badminton and picnics
  • BBQs
  • Theater outings
  • Ecozoo
  • Summer excursions to the Old Port
  • Art exhibitions: showcasing paintings, photos, drawings, and poems made by the residents. .
These activities are organized based on the residents’ preferences and interests. We prioritize interactions through daily exchanges between the staff and residents within their living environment, incorporating internal activities such as residents’ birthdays, movie nights, as well as other external activities.